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At Emstream we believe in making it easy for you to source the credits which meet your unique needs and preferences.  If you don’t know what they are, we can help you understand the parameters to consider too.

Carbon Credits
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We curate carbon credits from projects around the world, across all carbon standards and at all stages of development. 


Whether you are looking to invest in nature, support the energy transition or seeking projects achieving multiple sustainable development goals, we can help.  We typically have 10-15million tonnes from around 100projects on our proprietary platform Emsurge to choose from, but buyers are encouraged to request tailored offers from our extensive network of project developers, investors and traders.

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Our combination of technology and people, gives you the most comprehensive view of prices and opportunities across the voluntary carbon market. 

Tec and People
Emsurge Platform

Emsurge is the only platform supporting the origination of both spot and forward carbon credits, in addition to project finance opportunities for those looking to invest in tomorrow’s solutions. 


In order to provide you with access to the broadest range of projects as soon as they become available, we vet every counterparty on the system, but allow you to perform your own due-diligence on the project prior to trading. 


Quality Thresholds.  Price is a good signal when it comes to quality but the market mechanism is still far from perfect.


So we partner with leading rating agency, BeZero to improve awareness of the varying quality of credits and can offer introductions to other rating agencies and consultants if you do not have your own in-house due-diligence teams.


Unlike marketplaces and exchanges, deals are negotiated and closed by voice subject to Know-Your-Customer, Contract and Credit being agreed, enabling you the option to contract directly with the counterparty on the other side of the trade or to give up the trade to an exchange for settlement.


BeZero Carbon is a global ratings agency for the Voluntary Carbon Market.


Its carbon credit ratings allow all market participants to price and manage risk. BeZero’s carbon ratings and research tools support buyers, intermediaries, investors, and carbon project developers. Founded in April 2020, its 100 strong team combines climatic and earth sciences, sell-side financial research, earth observation, machine learning, data and technology, engineering, and public policy expertise. Its head office is in London, with its people working across five continents.

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We understand every buyer has individual requirements which influence price, so we tag all the credits on Emsurge with the below key fields: 

Carbon Standard link 


Additional Attributes

  • SDVista

  • CCB (Climate Community and Biodiversity)


Sustainable Development Goals







  • Nature Based Solution or Non-NBS

  • Removals or Avoidance



  • Country

  • Least Developed Country



Sector link


Registry URL


Storage Type


Programme Eligibility


  • Article 6

  • Core Carbon Principles





Payment Terms


Our typical spot trade is 100,000 tonnes of carbon, however we can support any transactions over 10,000tCO2e.

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