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Our planet has breached its tipping points. 

High impact offsets are an immediate tool to start delivering on net zero pledges today.

Used correctly with targets and baselines offsets can also incentivise the faster reduction of GHG emissions in your company and supply chains.

Our utilisation of technology simplifies the wholesale trade of voluntary carbon offsets for buyers.

Our proprietary platform Emsurge connects spot market participants as well as helping projects in need of critical funding find investors.

Transparent demand signals are essential to scale the carbon markets sufficiently to combat climate change.

Join our pilot and help us scale positive climate impact

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Technology and the transparency it brings, is key to scaling the Voluntary Carbon Market.


emsurge carbon

Make clean decisions faster

Simplifying the wholesale trade of voluntary carbon offsets.


Creating one global marketplace - enabling regional projects access to large international buyers.

Emsurge can also be utilised as an internal whiteboard - helping carbon traders centralise orders from multiple commodity trading desks.

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"A large, transparent, verifiable and robust voluntary carbon market will be critical to reaching net zero and net negative goals. "

Taskforce for Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets 2021 
Emstream is a member of the TSVCM.

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Our innovative design answers the call for greater transparency.
Emsurge Carbon serves as a rapid origination tool, with logical structuring of the data, making transparency easy.

Projects can sell spot and future offsets.


Future expected offsets or projects seeking investment can also now find buyers online. Sellers can also post offers combining offsets from multiple projects. Prices can be volume or vintage dependent.

Buyers have a simplified journey.


Corporates can make their preferences known and search easily for offers that match.

Buyers can send the critical demand signals the market so urgently needs to scale.

Traders can enter the market faster.


By enabling access to our network of projects and buyers, traders can start contributing to liquidity sooner.

Our innovative tech encourages standardisation and the more fungible trading of carbon offsets.