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Planting a Tree

High impact offsets are an immediate tool to start delivering on net zero pledges today

Verified Carbon Credits
can be used to start delivering on your net zero pledges today, and companies using carbon credits decarbonise twice as fast as those
who do not.

(Trove Research)


The carbon market today is highly fragmented and refers to both a set of compliance markets (such as the European Emissions Trading Scheme) and the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM), more accurately referred to by some as the Verified Carbon Market.  This is because the same verified credits could be used voluntarily by individuals or businesses, or to comply with a regulated scheme, such as the Colombian or Singaporean tax regime.

At Emstream, we are focused on the VCM and delivering the technology the market needs to scale.  We adopt a hybrid (voice and digital) model to match buyers or investors with carbon projects that resonate with them. 

We offer any corporate buyers, project developers or traders supporting transparency free access to our wholesale broking platform, Emsurge.  Emsurge is the only procurement platform with spot, forward, term and project finance opportunities in Carbon and IRECs.  As a client, you also receive invitations to in person events, where you can meet to discuss the state of the carbon market over drinks with the world's largest project developers, corporate buyers, commodity trading houses, investment banks, energy traders, carbon retailers, private equity firms and funds. 


Purchasing carbon credits and investing in the right projects has never been easier.

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