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efficient markets 

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International Companies


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Tech Enabled Broking

Delivering Transparency

Market participants are invited to gain free access to our online order book, powered by Emsurge. 


Our proprietary platform provides unrivalled market transparency, enabling you to discover more opportunities and trade faster.

We digitalise the over-the-counter origination process, blending traditional broking with technology, to help you become more efficient.

Over 150 project developers, traders, investment banks, utilities and corporate buyers are now transforming the way they trade.


Our innovative suite of tools continually evolve with the market.   As an OTC non-transactional platform we facilitate project finance, term and forward deals, as well as spot. 


Designed by Traders for Traders

We harness advancements in tech to provide organisational transparency, streamlined workflows,
live pricing and access to our network. 


Faster trading

Built-in analytics

Accessible everywhere

Rapid data capture

Better connected


The Digital OTC Carbon Market. 
Join our free network of project developers, 
corporate buyers and traders.

Discover unique investment opportunities

Connect directly with screened project developers seeking project finance in exchange for access to future streams of carbon credits.

Transparently trade spot & forward carbon credits
Efficiently search our live order book for spot, forward and long-term opportunities.

Streamline your 

procuremnt &

Trade with clarity

Access to 100's of projects and traders at your fingertips. We do not require projects to tie up inventory or buyers to deposit funds before posting orders to buy or sell on our system.

Understand the value of your portfolio

View live price carbon credit data through our transparent marketplace.

Directly access fair wholesale prices for free with 

emsurge freemium


Or Upgrade to 
emsurge premium
to gain your competitive advantage

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Be better connected with our Trader Directory

Keep abreast of market participants and be discoverable.

Export our data for 
actionable insights


Harness our unique data set of real-time submitted bid, offers and transactions in the global carbon market.

Visualise your market. Trade smarter

Utilise our data visualisation tools to identify trends faster.

Access the Global Shopfront for project developers

Gain insights to projects and marketing materials maintained by project developers themselves.


emsurge premium

see the whole picture

trade options



Join the fastest growing global platform for bilateral over-the-counter carbon trading and origination.

Access 100s of climate positive projects worldwide.



Buyers: Gain free access +30m tonnes of verified carbon credits across standards

Projects: Advertise for free your spot, forward, term and project finance opportunities to investment grade buyers 

Traders: Build your portfolio and capture arbitrage opportunities faster.





Leverage our global network to Trade Carbon Compensated LNG



Connect to the global market of investment grade counterparties

> 20 LNG cargoes traded

Utilise as an internal workflow collaboration tool to share information faster and streamline your trading activities





Procure Renewable Energy Certificates from around the world.   

Emsurge puts prices of I-RECs, REGOs and TIGRs in one place



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