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"Embracing technology, transparency and innovation is key to accelerating the energy transition and addressing climate change"

Founder emstream 2021

Core team

Founder / CEO

Melissa Lindsay


Former Global Head of LNG at Tullett Prebon, with a decade of experience building new markets and tools to facilitate liquidity and more efficient markets.  


Brokered over 100 LNG cargoes


First broker in Spanish Gas, LNG physical and financial


Designed LNG derivative market and screen


Designed first commercial LNG vessel tracker


Member of Mark Carney led taskforce consultation group on scaling voluntary carbon markets.


Rodolfo Grave


Senior enterprise cloud architect, scrum master, technologist. Formerly at Trayport 


BD / Sales

Amy Choo


LNG trading software specialist and  former commodity trader.

Based in Singapore.

Luke Kovic

Sales strategy expert specialising in driving adoption of  blockchain.

Based in London.


Melvin Lindsay

IT specialist, testing and support manager at an established software company. Member of founding team.



Lucy Camp


Recruitment specialist and contract manager.  Ready to scale in-house team.


Brand Positioning

Matthew Davenport


Senior Writer and brand strategist at leading creative agency. Member of founding team


From harnessing big data to embracing distributed ledger technology – we’re at the cutting edge of the digital innovations set to transform the way you trade global gas and its externalities.

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