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building efficient markets 



Through our network of traders, utilities, producers, banks, NGOs, think-tanks, technologists and brokers, we utilise technology and the power of us to deliver more efficient and transparent markets.

The future of commodity trading is being transformed by technology and the growing demand for more sustainable supply chains.

Advances in technology make it possible to reimagine 

a world where you can track, trace and choose the environmental, social and corporate governance impact of every megawatt or therm of energy consumed.

We build blockchain ready solutions 

for energy traders. 


Only through embracing innovation can we meet the call to reverse climate change.



Our vision is to create a more transparent and connected global gas market, where traders and smart grids are given the signals and tools they need to optimise collective portfolios of fossil fuels and renewable energy. 


We understand not everyone or every market, is ready for technological change, so we design trading tools that work just as effectively behind the scenes.

Our hybrid approach to market digitalisation enables us to connect with more companies, helping traders 

originate LNG, gas and environmental products faster.

Our proprietary trading system, emsurge, is now live in LNG and used by traders around the world to access market liquidity or manage internal workflows and automate audit trails.  




We're a nimble organisation – able to innovate fast and adapt to new technologies. We do this by finding the right partnerships, investors and team to ensure we stay lean. While our products and services are continually developing, our purpose remains single minded: to make global gas greener.

Our Companies & Collaborations:

Our Companies




We harness technology to

create liquidity pools and transparency in the markets we operate


We specialise in structured physical LNG deals and Voluntary Emission Reduction Markets



Our proprietary suite

of technology streamlines

the entire pre to post trade

process and provides market data services

We help you implement digital strategies that unlock opportunity

Our Collaborations



The Planlogic EOS product is the market leading solution for LNG portfolio planning and risk management.

Our integrated system provides seamless pre to post-trade deal capture and workflows.

Evolution Markets


World's leading regulated environmental products and energy broker. 

Offering co-broking services with emstream and price transparency via emsurge.

Applied Blockchain


Through our partnership with AppliedBlockchain we harness next generation

technology to position our traders for the future of commodity trading

From harnessing big data to embracing distributed ledger technology – we’re at the cutting edge of the digital innovations set to transform the way you trade global gas and its externalities.

Let us smooth your digitalisation journey
and help you take advantage of the potential in

Greener Global Gas and Envrionmental Products