Digitalisation, co-operation and collaboration are replacing competition as key drivers of growth


Inefficiencies are limiting what's possible in LNG and 

the market wants to rapidly adopt technology, innovate and create more interactive, efficient networks to keep pace with expanding growth.

The LNG market is set for unprecedented growth

World supply in 2019 will increase by over 20%. By 2021, over 40% of total supply will be fighting for premium homes in a burgeoning spot market.

We’re finding new ways to bring like-minded people 

together that allow us to reap the network effects of a more connected, efficient LNG community.



At emstream, we’re pioneering technology that opens  a world of opportunity to the LNG market. We deliver prices faster, provide market access and help you create an effective strategy that lets you take advantage of the potential in the market.

And with our proprietary technology, emsurge and Inflo.ai, we accelerate your digiltalisation journey,  enabling you to spend more time trading.  We're open and provide access on-line and in person to a global network of the most important players and technological advances in the market. 

We work with you, creating technology in line with your continually developing needs, providing a lean strategy for innovation and optimising how technology can help you trade.

Streamline every part of the way you trade LNG in a scalable way.




We harness technology to

broker more cargoes than

anyone else.


We help organisations

implement digital strategies

that unlock opportunity



Designed by traders for

traders, our proprietary suite

of technology streamlines

the entire pre to post trade




Machine Learning that

brings you personalised, up

to the minute LNG news for

your area of the market



Harnessing next generation

technology to make trading

LNG more connected,

secure and simple



We're a nimble organisation – able to adopt new technologies at pace. While our products and services are continually developing, our purpose remains single minded:

to improve resource allocation efficiency in LNG.

Products and Services:


From harnessing big data to embracing new technologies – we’re at the cutting edge of the digital innovations set to transform the way you trade LNG.

We can help smooth your digitalisation journey
and take advantage of the potential in LNG

Find out how

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