ESG Positive LNG


Be better than neutral

At Emstream we believe the liquidity we have spent the last decade building in LNG trading, can now be leveraged to reduce GHG emissions and reach our Paris accord targets faster.  In doing so we also get to make a significant contribution to achieving all of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

By encouraging market forces, you can:

  1. Reduce and avoid GHG emissions;

  2. Send the price signals required for investment in the removal or sequestration (storage) of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

  3. Offset everything you cant abate.

To learn more or become a carbon-buster and join our working group, contact:


Green Forest

the future is here 

emsurge was built blockchain ready because we believe Distributed Ledger Technology will revolutionise supply chains.


DLT can enable us to attribute, track and trace every GHG emission, on every therm.  

The challenge we face today is not one of technology but to create and agree on globally accepted methodologies and standards on how we measure, report and verify emissions and off-sets. 


Our working group sets out to support a unified response to the climate change problem.

We started with LNG but now our plans are bigger. 

The call for greater transparency goes far beyond LNG.  


From facilitating the trade of green hydrogen certificates on chain to adding much needed transparency in Voluntary Emission Reduction markets, we are using what we have learnt about design and the core of our proprietary emsurge system to develop cutting edge digitalisation solutions for clients in the driving seat of change.