At emstream, we believe in tech 

enhanced trading – giving you the news behind the 

price moves.

Predictive, Personalised, Precise.

Up to 50% of analytical resources in LNG is spent gathering and cleaning information.  It's always been viewed as a necessity.

But what if technology could do it for us?  

We work with Inflo.Ai to bring you accurate, up to the minute LNG news.

Their natural language processing capabilities curates and condenses critical content across multiple channels for us.


Their machine learning technology adapts to your needs and learns your preferences. – saving you time and effort.  It ensures that you hear about opportunities first and never miss out on the intel that impacts the market and drives  LNG forward in your part of the world.




While we were working out how to trade LNG, technology moved on.  During the same decade, the financial crisis absorbed our IT resources and created demand for a new type of currency, free of central banks.  This fuelled the development of blockchain technology and we saw the birth of crypto-currencies, starting with Bitcoin.

In researching the best technology stack to use to deliver Emsurge, we reached the conclusion that Distributed Ledger Technology could be a game changer for LNG, so we built a system that was blockchain ready using world experts in the field, Applied Blockchain. 


Blockchain as a technology is still in its infancy and there are many steps we need to take as an industry first to fully benefit from it, during which time we expect many of the issues to be resolved.  Emsurge gives us a network to use the technology, and as we at Emstream move more of our client base online, we are building a consortium of early adopters who want to step through that door with us.

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