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By blending traditional brokering with technology, we help our clients trade faster.


By connecting our network of over 100 LNG traders online, we provide unrivalled access to global liquidity.

We love tech and transparency, but our lasting relationships and discretion are core to our business.

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Our proprietary technology provides unrivalled market transparency,

enabling you to discover more optimisations and trade faster

Tropical Leaves



We're breaking new frontiers and helping our clients go green in a meaningful way.


From sourcing voluntary carbon offsets to building a strategy, we are leveraging our network to make the transition to a cleaner energy market happen faster.

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We’re experts at negotiating term sheets. We understand operational flex and risk from over a decade of experience putting LNG trades together on the spot and term.

By always protecting and securing value for both sides of the deal, we remain the most trusted broker in LNG.




Through our collaboration with leading Environmental Products and Gas and Power brokerage, Evolution Markets,  we offer you unrivalled access to liquidity and support to risk manage physical LNG or make it greener through utilisation of the VER and ETS markets.

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We invite you to join a private directory of over 100 LNG traders on emsurge.  We do deals not just based on who we know, but what we know.  

Dog on Blue

Considered an extension of the team by many of our clients, we have unique insight to  aspirations and can identify trends as they happen. 

We dedicate our time to building trust, brainstorming possibilities and formulating strategy.  Once you have a deal you like the sound of, we find you other side and using our tech we can do it faster than ever before.

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