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The LNG market is set for unprecedented growth.  World supply will increase by 25% in little over a year, bringing with it more dynamic trading conditions.  By 2020, over 40% of total supply will be fighting for premium homes in a burgeoning spot market.


  Each cargo will exchange hands more times, but even using the current churn ratio of 6-7, a planned 85Mtpa hitting the market will feel like another 200Mtpa to track, trade, schedule and optimise.


From a lack of reliable price data to dislocated teams and increasingly complex workflows – inefficiencies hamper every part of the market. As it develops, rapid LNG trading and optimisation can compensate shrinking margins, but traders are in need of greater insight, flexibility and speed.




We are Emsurge – a start-up funded by LNG market participants and founded by former Global Head of LNG at Tullett Prebon to streamline the pre to post trade process and create more interactive, efficient networks.


  Our powerful suite of tools are ready to harness new technologies like Blockchain to improve the traceability of transactions, while being compatible with traditional programs like Excel to suit how you work. We use creativity and design to streamline processes and better meet your needs as a trader, originator, analyst, manager or operator – from collaborating with your wider team and identifying deal space, to booking trades and simplifying operational workloads.


Our transformational suite of tools harness advancements in technology to provide organisational transparency, streamlined workflows, and importantly – live pricing where other channels don’t discriminate against stale orders.


around traders' needs




Our intuitive system allows you to manage internal workflows no matter where you are, expedite signoff on trades and create effortless robust audit trails.


Interactions between internal stakeholders become smoother and quicker.





The most powerful big data capture tool in LNG will provide insight never before possible.  Technology and analytics will drive your competitive advantage.


Record real time pricing to build data sets you can trust, understand counterparty behaviour and identify the best moments to trade. 





Discover an organised world of LNG cargoes & slots and use our system to filter the right opportunities to act on. 

Strong network effects make sure our relationships become your shared company asset.




Then track your deals live through to delivery and maximise the optimisation value you negotiated.


Data is captured at every step to ensure complete customer continuity.




way to trade

who is it for 

emsurge is a suite of tools that are available for people at every stage of the LNG trade cycle:

Traders looking to execute faster with complete confidence


Managers needing a real time view of the funnel of opportunities and the post trade status of each deal.


Operational teams enabling optimisations and striving towards zero errors


Originators and business developers needing a client relationship management system fit for commodities

Analysts that spend time collating stale information and have to rely on traders to relay market data


Risk & legal teams who need to sign off on trades with a robust audit trail 


Across teams and time zones acting as a communication and workflow tool – allowing them to communicate and collaborate, tracking everything in the post trade process, streamlining workflows and reducing time spent checking tasks.  

when is it available


Trials to foundation customers will begin early 2019 and every two weeks from March ‘19 new iterations of the system will be released to the network in a fully productionised, secure and stable environment.