With our proprietary technology we can deliver prices faster, find our clients more opportunities and capture data critical in evaluating the next opportunity

Connect with a global network of LNG traders.

Blending traditional brokering with technology we see more of the market – enabling us to structure you more creative and effective deals that provide the cargoes and liquidity you need, exactly when and where you need them.

Unlike other brokers, we’re nimble – able to adopt emerging technology and adapt at pace to better serve your needs as LNG and the world change rapidly.

We’re based in the UK but create a global reach through our network of stakeholders, friends, customers and partners. 

Seen as an extension of the team by many of our clients, we have unique insight to constraints and aspirations.  We dedicate our time to building trust, brainstorming possibilities and discussing strategy.  Once you have a deal you like the sound of, we do what we do best and find you other side, using our tech to do it faster than ever before possible.


To gain access to our online prices, please register your interest at www.emsurge.com.  



We provide discrete high level origination of LNG opportunities in the short, mid and longer term market. 


Whether you are an experienced counterparty who is time short or a new entrant that needs assistance identifying the best approach to market, emstream offers a unique full service on a retainer or success fee basis.  Our clients can be both active and passive. We help our active clients develop a strategy and work with them to identify and close deals.  For passive clients we search the market for interesting opportunities.


Relationships can only get you so far.  These days every aspect of the term sheet is a negotiation point and should be thoughtfully presented to avoid giving away value.  Our experience working for both sides and with counterparties across the supply chain, enables us to have a unique insight into portfolios and an in depth understanding of our clients' operational flex, risk appetite and constraints.  Our presence in the spot and longer term market enables us to assist with the drafting of term-sheets that reflect the changing dynamics of contract terms.


Companies entering the LNG space need to have a clear strategy and story explaining to existing participants why they should do business with them.  We help bridge the gap between new entrants and established counterparties.  We understand how the reputation you create as a company is key to ensuring counterparties prioritise your orders.  We help companies approach deals in the right way and buy enough flexibility to manage their exposure. 


Tailored workshops and reports on LNG contracting, negotiation skills and pricing to empower our clients and strengthen their own ability to transact in the market.